After our Christmas binges we all start January with a new force of energy to get fit , lose weight etc - so why don't you take a look at your furry friend and do the same?

Ask -
Have we wormed them lately ?
Have we given them flea treatment lately?
Have they been weighed recently?

Could they also do with a diet revamp? - if your furry friend has piled on the pounds without you noticing now is the time to reassess them and let us vets help you with a diet plan. Obesity in pets is just as important as us - obesity can lead to Diabetes, Arthritis , Lameness, Pancreatitis etc. - all can be avoided.

In January all of these costs can seem daunting but at the Forge we now have in place a Pet Health Scheme which will help you spread out the costs so you're not left with huge bills to pay - ring the surgery so we can either send you a leaflet or discuss with you and give you a quote for your individual pet.

Our Vet nurses offer free weigh in clinics to help you Mon - Fri 2pm - 3pm (please pre book) and can also give you advice on flea/worming and general health.

Make sure you're aware of the new licensing laws - including dog breeders, kennels, home boarders etc.
Since Oct 1st new regulations have come into force which seek to improve and modernise welfare standards.

Any one now breeding three or more litters or operating a dog breeding business will require a licence.
Does your dog stay with a home boarder when you go on holiday ? If a person operates a home boarding business, they will need a licence. If they do not have one they are breaking the law and any insurance will be invalid.
Licences will be awarded with a 1 to 5 star rating.