Easter is a time of chocolate Easter eggs and goodies - unfortunately these can be toxic to our little furry friends. - Here are a few dangers to look out for:

1) Chocolate Easter eggs contain theobromine which in large quantities can be fatal to our furry friends so keep all Easter eggs and any chocolate treats away in a cupboard so they wont be tempted - any ingestion can cause vomiting , diarrhoea, kidney failure. Seek vet guidance if ingestion is suspected immediately.

2) Hot cross buns while scrummy with butter contain dried fruit such as raisins and sultanas which, again, are toxic to animals.

3) Bright sparkly rustling wrapping from Easter eggs can appeal greatly to cats and dogs. It smells of chocolate and is fun to play with but chewing on wrappers can lead to blockages , things like twine and ribbons also can get stuck - dispose of all wrapping properly and quickly.

4) When the weather turns warmer we tend to venture into our garden to start planting bulbs - these are just a few which can be toxic if dug up and eaten: bluebells/daffodils/foxglove/tulips - again seek veterinary advice if ingested

So enjoy all the goodies of Easter but think of the safety of your furry friends!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new 'Mobile Friendly Websites' - so you can look us up when you're out and about.

You now have the option to go online and book your own appointment direct - its very easy and user friendly - just click on the BOOK ONLINE box to start.

Aldham celebrates its 2nd birthday this month - so we would like to thank all our clients and their wonderful pets for supporting us.

We'd like to introduce you to Emma Illinsgworth - our newest member of staff - she's been with us now for a couple of months and is settling in nicely to the Forge/Aldham family. Emma has worked for the Dogs Trust, PDSA and a number of private practices. Iin her free time Emma has 3 children to keep her busy, and enjoys bike rides and art and crafts.

Nigel has just invested in 2 new top of the range dental machines - which are 'all singing - all dancing' with gadgets galore! While you as an owner probably won't get to see them, your pets will benefit from them greatly helping us make their gnashers even sparklier.