Last month you will have read that Nigel has been off on his adventures to the North American Veterinary Conference - he returned to us full of new information on things varying from flea treatments to cloning animals! Very extreme.

He went to all sorts of lectures including one regarding a new Cannabis Oil for animals expanding his font of knowledge.
He also got to see Doctor Dryden (who is called the 'flea doctor'!) who updated him on all things new regarding up and coming flea and tick treatments. At the moment the class of drugs we use at the practice for fleas and ticks are still amongst the most efficient and he stated that non veterinary prescribed products are showing clear failings in getting rid of fleas - so that's good to know.

Nigel also went to a lecture on CLONING - which may seem very sci-fi but is now actual reality. They have cloned a cat called 'Benji' which Nigel met and had his picture with!

For a mere bargain of $50,000 dollars you can now clone your beloved dog or for an even bigger steal you can pay $35,000 dollars and have your favourite cat cloned!

First a biopsy is taken for cell culture, then the cell is transferred into an egg. After the cell is fused with an egg. The cloned embryo is then transferred into a surrogate mother who then has a normal pregnancy and gives birth to your beloved pet mark 2! EASY! All you need is a small matter of several thousand dollars!
But just goes to show the remarkable steps being made in Veterinary Medicine.

Nigel's head will burst soon with all this information! He did say it was very hard work but I think he managed to get to the beach so we won't feel too sorry for him!

We have had no changes brought to our attention as yet regarding pet passports or traveling with your pet - so the news is there's no news!!

If and when we know of any changes we will put them on our website.