Every patient is important to us and lots of animals go through very hard and painful times but sometimes one case stands out for various reasons.
This is Bertie's story - Bertie is a 10 year old Greyhound cross - we have been seeing him now for 3 months every week twice a week so we've all really got involved in Bertie's life and his lovely mum Mrs Corder who has done so much for him to give him the best chance.

On the 5th June 2018 Bertie unfortunately had a fight with a van and didn't win! He was kindly rushed to us by a passerby with his mum Mrs Corder - he was very brave and sat as if nothing had happened.
He was assessed and given fluids, xrays and anaesthatised to clean and suture several wounds to his front and back legs - his most significant wound was to his left hind. He had a major trauma and had basically degloved his leg, his tendons were showing and it was touch and go whether he would keep his leg. But Nigel and Rafa did their best work and managed to pull the wounds together. They did have to amputate one toe that was too damaged to save and Bertie started his long journey to recovery. Every week twice a week Bertie has been coming in for assessment and dressing of his wounds - he is always very stoic and almost falls asleep while Rafa cleans his wounds and gives him clean dressings. His mum has been so brilliant and brings him in without fail Monday and Thursday for his dressing changes and the staff have all come to know and love her and we look forward to our little chats and updates. Mrs Corder says she thinks Bertie will miss his weekly visits! Bertie is about to have his last dressing change and his recovery has been so amazing -with every dressing change the wound had noticeably improved. We think Bertie has super healing powers!

So we just wanted to share this story with you as Mrs Corder and Bertie have been so amazing. We're going to miss seeing them both.

We will also be putting this story on Facebook - we haven't been able to put photos on as they were too graphic but we will try and put a few on as he healed .