Appointments - At the surgery we have facilities to diagnose and treat your pet's condition quickly, thus leading to a speedy recovery. We aim to offer an appointment to each patient that is appropriate to their condition and convenient to you. Appointments are also available for Vaccinations and Annual Boosters, which are a vital part of your pet's continued health care, Identichipping, Weight Checks, Diabetic Checks, and Pet Passports. All our staff can advise you on the most appropriate Worming and Defleaing products for your pet, but if you would like more specific guidance, an appointment can be made to see one of our Vets or Nurses.

Beyond Reception - We have comprehensive Anaesthetic and Surgical Facilities, which include 2 operating theatres and a large pre-operative theatre that are in constant use throughout the day. We carry out a range of surgical procedures from routine neuterings to more complicated soft tissue, ophthalmic and orthopaedic surgery. In addition our In-house laboratory, diagnostic imaging equipment and blood pressure monitoring, aids us in diagnosing your pet's ailments. Our modern Kennel Suite with separate wards for cats, dogs and rabbits, and an isolation ward ensures your pet's stay with us is as stress free as possible.